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Every Child Our Future wants every child in the Channel Islands to get the best possible education, no matter what their circumstances.

We’re a charity that enhances literacy and numeracy, and helps teachers and parents during the crucial early years. We team up with schools, teachers, parents, business, our islands’ governments and the wider community to ensure no child gets left behind. Together, we can make our islands the best place for children to grow.

Because we know what makes a difference.

Why it’s important

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What we do

ECOF Grands Vaux School


It’s a simple fact. The more we read with a child in the earliest years, the better that child’s reading skills as he or she goes through school. But in the UK, the poorest children are already 11 months behind when they start school.* Our programmes bring books and support – and volunteer readers – to our islands’ children during those crucial early opportunities.

ECOF Numbers


Numbers count as much as words. Early play with the most basic arithmetic principles gets a child past any fear of numbers and ensures he or she is set for school. Every Child Our Future brings volunteers into those early classrooms and boosts schoolchildren’s confidence through games and number fun.

*Source: The Sutton Trust

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These wonderful people make a significant impact on the lives of our pupils. The children really look forward to having their individual reading time with an adult giving them their undivided attention.
A teacher who benefits from Every Child Our Future

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How you can help

ECOF Volunteer


Every year, literally hundreds of children face a better future because of Every Child Our Future’s volunteers. Whether it’s nursery school early learning, or reading and maths in our primary schools – we need your help. Right now, Every Child Our Future volunteers work in 28 schools in Jersey and Guernsey.

ECOF Support


Every Child Our Future has become a model for bringing the community together to help children - teachers, parents, government. And businesses are also an essential part of this team, providing funding and encouraging their people to volunteer for a great local cause that brings them fulfillment and delight.

ECOF Donate


Every Child Our Future supports hundreds of children each week and there is more we can do. Every pound you can spare goes to help a child get a better start on the ladder of school success.